The project activity dedicated to the practice has as a goal to motivate the students to apply their knowledge and skills. It has two stages: data collection and data processing.


– Data collection
– Data processing

Data collection

The data collection process includes a digital recording and mapping of cultural objects with the low-cost technology. It is based on an approach of direct and open tasks. It implies that some students record the cultural monuments using the expert guidance, while other students have a complete freedom in choosing the methods and the contents that will be recorded and collected. This kind of approach inspires the ‘mutual conversation’ between the experts, teachers, and students, and changes the perspective of experts on usability of cultural heritage digitization in education.

Program of Practice in 2015

Practice Description Moderator Teaching Material
Recording of St. Nicholas Church in Niš Data collection 1 – with expert guidance: recording of the church's wall painting with professional camera Sandra Vujošević & Ivan Ilić Example of Data Collection 1
Recording of St. Nicholas Church in Niš Data collection 2 – without expert guidance: recording od the church's architecture with smart phones Marija Šegan & Ivan Ilić Example od Data Collection 2

Recording of St. Nicholas Church in Niš, on May 05, 2015

Data processing

Currently, the collected data are being processed by the students and young researchers of MISANU.