The project activity dedicated to the training has as a goal to prepare the participants for the work in the field, that is, to take over certain roles in heritage conservation. It is organized, at the suggestion of teachers-participants of the project, as a free (extra-curricular) activity. It has two stages: first stage is theoretical training, and the second stage is a cycle of workshops and expert tours of relevant cultural institutions.


Theoretical training

The goal of theoretical training is for students to learn about the discipline and technology of cultural heritage digitization. However, unlike the traditional approach and work with big groups of students, the author’s idea is to test the hypothesis about the effectiveness of the small homogeneous groups. Firstly, the homogenous groups were formed based on the questionnaire, and later, the theoretical training was organized for each group.

Program of theoretical training in School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ‘Gosa’ in 2015

Lecture Description Lecturer Teaching Material
Description Description of Cultural Objects on the Example of Veluće Monastery Sandra Vujošević S. Vujošević. Moravian style – Veluće Monastery
Veluće Monastery in eCataloge
Mapping Determining Coordinates of Cultural Objects with handheld GPS Receivers Zlatan Kadragić Map of cultural objects in eCatalogue
Digital Recording Creating a Panoramic Photo of Cultural Objects Stefan Jovanović М.Šegan&S.Jovanović. Panoramic Photography Tutorial
Virtual tour of Kalenić Monastery in eCatalogue
Presentation Making a Web Presentation of Cultural Objects Nikola Vuković eCatalogue 'Cultural Monuments in Serbia'
Digital Library 'Serbia-Forum'
Promotion Ideology in Promotion of Cultural Heritage Miloš Ničić Miloš Ničić. Ideology as a Driving Force in Heritage Tourism. p.254-264
Psychology in Cultural Heritage Marketing Milica Lajbenšperger M. Lajbenšperger. Needs and Desires

Workshops and expert tours

The expert tour goal is for students to learn about the process of cultural heritage preservation in practice. It included the tour of the certain cultural institutions, where the students who belonged to small homogeneous groups (3-6 members) based on their starting characteristics, participated in special workshops, where they got to solve differentiated tasks. That way, each expert tour is a mini project inside of the whole programme.

Program of expert tours in 2015

School Institution Workshop
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ‘Gosa’ National Museum in Smederevska Palanka Simple Description of Cultural Objects
Memorial Museum of Josip Broz Tito Social Media Presentation of Cultural Heritage
Tech School of Building Construction ‘Neimar’ Historical Archive Nis Paper Prototype of Cultural Heritage Website
Memorial Complex of Tobacco Industry in Nis Research on Culural Heritage
Crveni krst Concentration Camp Research based on interviewing techniques
Skull Tower Making of Cultural Heritage Metadata Description Framework