About project

The ongoing project ‘DIGITARIJUM: Implementation of Digitization of Scientific and Cultural Heritage in School Curriculum’ has been developed for students, teachers and young researchers by the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts ( MISANU ), and under the patronage of the Center for Promotion of Science ( CPN ) in 2015. The project presents a unique initiative to popularize the science, technology and culture among the young people, through the interaction between the digitization of heritage and educational work. The process of digitization of scientific and cultural heritage is used as a model for the improvement of educational work in elementary and secondary schools, since it is recognized as a good educational tool for teaching mathematics, informatics, history, geography and linguistics. The students, teachers and young researchers have opportunity, through workshops and practical training, to learn about the basic principles of digitization of heritage, and to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for using and creating a digital tools and content. The goals of the project are to: 1) motivate the teachers to express their creativity and to apply, in addition to traditional, the innovative models of teaching, 2) to motivate the young people in pursuing the career in Science and Culture, 3) to train them for a future career in public or private sector, 4) to strengthen the science-culture-education links and 4) to promote open science and gender balance.

Project activities are organized as a form of extracurricular activity that contributes to the development of personal potential and motivation (initiative) of the participants. An integrative teaching model is implemented within these activities, since this model, as well as the digitization of heritage, successfully combine curriculums from various courses. The participants, starting from the assumption that their school achievements depend on their
individual differences, are organized in small homogeneous groups, that go through
1) preparation
2) training
3) practice
4) presentation and
5) analysis.

Currently, the project activities involve students, teachers, psychologists and pedagogues from two secondary schools – Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School ‘Goša’ from Smederevska Palanka and Construction and Technical Engineering school ‘Neimar’ from Niš , an elementary school – ‘Mihailo Petrović Alas’ from Belgrade, and Centre of Education ‘Playground of Imagination’ from Belgrade.

The important aspect of the project is a possibility to involve other schools and individuals during the course of the project.

The goal of the Web presentation is to present some of the project results regarding the interaction between the digitization of heritage and educational work, and to offer a project documentation and teaching material.