Bojan Marinković

Dr Bojan Marinković, (, received a bachelor’s degree from the Mathematical faculty in 2004, with average mark of 8,83, and received a master’s degree in 2008 with his master’s thesis “Application of XML technologies in national cultural heritage digitization”. He received PhD degree in October 2015 from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, with doctoral thesis “Connecting heterogenic overlay networks: definition, formalization and application”. Working at Mathematical Institute SANU since 2006. During 2009, spent three months at LogNet team of French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation INRIA, Sophia Antipolis. Works on research in the field of: non-classical logics, distributed systems, and digitization of cultural and scientific heritage. Participates in national cultural heritage digitization project financed by the Ministry of education, science and technological development (project III44006), as well as international FP project Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure (CENDARI), COST Action TD1201 – Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH), and TEMPUS project Doctoral School towards European Knowledge Society (DEUKS). Since 2013, participates in organization of the manifestation May Month of Mathematics as a team member of the Mathematical Institute, as well as in the organization of digitization workshops for youth.