Sandra Vujošević

Sandra Vujošević, Researcher Trainee at Mathematical Institute SANU, has a master’s degree in art history and is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Gained the title of curator after completing internship at the National Museum and Gallery of Frescos in 2014. Until 2015 she volunteered in the NGO Familia, where she was engaged as a teacher of individual language classes for children without parental care and children from foster families. Since 2015 she has been participating in national cultural heritage digitization project financed by the Ministry of education, science and technological development (project III44006), and published several scientific papers in the field of cultural heritage digitization. She is engaged in the organization of the manifestation May Month of Mathematics, and since 2015 is a moderator of cultural heritage digitization workshops oriented toward children from Diaspora organized by Mathematical Institute SANU and KROS RTS.