Centre for Education ‘Playground of Imagination’, Belgrade-Zemun, was founded in 2014, as a centre of knowledge, development and growing up with a smile. The goal of the center is to enable quality and motivating environment, and professional support for healthy psychological and social development of children and youth, before and after regular classes in schools. The centre’s programmes encourage independent thinking, self-confidence, gaining independence and responsibility, building work habits and strengthening the will to work.

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ‘Gosa’, Smederevska Palanka, was founded in 1946, and named “Industrial School of Jasenica Firm”. The school has its current name since 1991. Even though the school changed its name several times, its use was never changed. The school was and it will be the inexhaustible source of human resources for the needs of “Gosa” factory, as well as the mechanical and electrical industry in the country and abroad.

Tech School of Building Construction ‘Neimar’, Nis, is a school with a rich tradition, spanning over 70 years that covers two fields of work: geodesy and construction, and forestry and wood processing. The school’s mission is to encourage personal and professional development of students and teachers, upgrading the collaboration with the parents and the social community. The school is an active participant in the development of the Nis region, through the education for the 3rd and the 4rth degree of construction, geodesy and wood processing profession.

Primary School ‘Мihailo Petrovic-Alas’, Belgrade, was founded in 1959. The school’s mission is to contribute to the education and upbringing of generations of students that will one day become responsible and competent members of the community, and who will have the knowledge to be competitive on the European work market, so to be able to live independently and to create, and to transfer the school’s humanistic values to the community.

Elementary school “PhD Archibald Reiss” is located in Belgrade,in the part of the city called Karaburma, 5 Patrice Lumumba Street. It was founded in 1962 under the name Stjepan Stevo Filipovic. That name kept until the 1st of September in 2003. The school has achieved remarkable results in the field of children education for years. Due to many awards and praises it is considered to be one of prestigious school in the city.