Visiting Historical Museum of Serbia – “Michael I. Pupin exhibition”

Belgrade, 23.01.2016.
Authors: Aleksandra Zdravković, Ivana Đurković Đorđević 
Photograph: Dragan Aćimović

This weekend, together with students from the elementary school “Dr Archibald Reiss” we visited the Historical Museum of Serbia, the exhibition “Pupin – from physical to spiritual reality”.

Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin , a scientist, a writer, a humanist and a man for whom the Serbian flag waved on the White House, the man whom the world listened on their feet. On the other hand, he was standing every time he talked about his mother. Children and we -grown up were speechless at the size of this man, poorly represented in our books and schools, and yet we all encounter daily with his inventions and we use them as ordinary, God-given things without wondering who gave us that ease.

We learned what a man, a student, a son, a professor, a scientist and a writer should be. We had the privilege to see a unique exhibition, made according to the latest principles of museology, an interactive exhibition, the first of this kind in our country. Pupin himself taught us about Pupin. Aleksandra Ninković Tašić, the author of the exhibition, showed us an excellent example of digitization of cultural and scientific heritage.

Thank you Aleksandra. It was unique.

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