Visiting the Residence of Prince Miloš and Nikola Tesla Museum

Belgrade, 16-17.01.2016
Authors: Aleksandra Zdravković, Ivana Đurković Đorđević 
Photograph: Dragan Aćimović

Together with students from the elementary school “Dr Archibald Reiss”, we visited Residence of Prince Miloš and Nikola Tesla Museum this weekend.

In premises where our famous Prince rested once, we elaborated a plan how to bring closer to the world and picturesquely present a bit of history that we experienced thanks to great guiding of Olivera and comics which in a great way illustrate the Second Serbian Uprising. That Saturday was full of laughter, acting and original ideas.

That cold and snowy Sunday made us to warm ourselves by ”letting electricity to shake us”; to try to convert electricity into heat that we needed that day. We fought with glowing swords as famous characters from the series Star Wars did; we fought with electricity, studied the Egg of Columbus and admired our greatest scientist, a man of all time, Nikola Tesla.

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